How to Wow Interviewers

Are you sure that your next interview will result in a job offer?  For most of us, the answer is probably no! Interview success rates average about 10%.

How great would it be if your interviewer concluded with “Wow! That was impressive!”

Let’s start with 3 basic principles of sorting through opportunities by interviewing:

  • Help them connect what they need most with what you do best.
  • People prefer to hire people they like, so keep generating a positive attitude.
  • Interviewing is a 2-way street. Interviewers learn about you. You learn about them.

Next, learn how to wow interviewers and employers. According to Jay Litton, the creator of the, it’s as simple as PPQ:

  • Be the Most Prepared
  • Be the Most Passionate
  • And also be Qualified

All candidates should meet minimum qualifications, but the biggest difference maker in getting an offer is your being prepared and passionate about the job, employer and opportunity to interview.

Be Prepared and Passionate

First, nothing shows preparedness and passion more than creating something especially for the interview, like a written WoW! Interview™ discussion guide. It can be as simple as a single sheet of paper with 4 points:

  • The name of the employer, plus your name and the position in which you are interested.
  • Share positive reasons why you think the employer is poised for success.
  • What you can do for the employer – list 3 specific contributions you can make.
  • Your career value and goals that match the opportunity the employer is offering.

The second way to demonstrate that you are prepared and passionate is to select STAR stories about your accomplishments that relate to the employer’s needs. For each of your accomplishments that illustrate what you can offer, answer these 4 questions:

  • What was the Situation you faced?
  • What was the Task to be accomplished?
  • What were the Actions you took?
  • What were the Results you got?

Third, do more homework on the employer as well as the work by visiting their website to read and print information about who they are, what they do, recent news, careers and their jobs. Search the Internet for more information. Call people in your network who may know the organization and people in it. Ask about key issues and trends. Think about what you will say and what you will ask.


Over the years we discovered 12 questions that interviewers often ask, so we have attached a PDF of our Interview Before the Interview exercise with questions, tips and talking points.  Practice using the exercise at least three times before each interview…

  • Once by yourself making notes on the outline with pen or pencil.
  • Then with a friend with both of you referring to the outline.
  • Finally, try answering without referring to your outline.

Praise and Pray

Thank and praise God for the opportunity to interview. Fill your heart with positive thoughts about how to serve the interests of the employer with what you do best. Remember, whatever is in your heart will show up on your lips…

The good man out of the good treasure of his heart brings forth what is good…

for his mouth speaks from that which fills his heart.

Luke 6:45 NASB

More tips and tools

For more about successful interviewing, get a copy of our 7 Steps to Jobs, Careers and God’s Calling workbook. Turn to Step 6 on how to wow interviewers, and you will also learn about…

  • 8 types of interviews
  • 4 steps to engage interviews
  • Dress for success inside and out
  • Get ready for testing and referencing
  • Prepare for the money talk

To sneak a peek at our workbook, download free sample PDF copy of Step 1 Upward.

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