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Chris C. – group participant "I now view myself as God sees me......A masterpiece."
– Chris C. - group participant
Pam J. – event participant "A career networking event strengthened my beliefs in God...and is helping me with the problems I am encountering at work."
– Pam J. - event participant
Tom L. – donor "I see the need to support organizations that I trust, like Crossroads Career, to provide the help and hope necessary to get the right job."
– Tom L. - donor
Katherine S. & Jay L. – partner “Better Together” has long been the motto of Crossroads.  Our volunteers love being part of the program.
– Katherine S. & Jay L. - partner
Jodi C. – employer "I think Crossroads really has great potential to help people find and obtain their desired career. Thank you both so much for the opportunity to partner."
– Jodi C. - employer
Yolanda H. – group participant "The biblically focused lessons and hands-on activities were informative and kept me engaged"
– Yolanda H. - group participant
Jennifer C. – employer "I am happy to report we hired a woman through the post on the website. She is smart, productive, and easy to work with."
– Jennifer C. - employer
A New Year Happy New Year!  As we begin 2020, you will notice changes here on the Crossroads Career blog.  Members of our Board of Directors run this blog and in 2019, James did an incredible job of providing content as well as an unbeatable lineup of webinars.  We are excited to continue to provide useful blog content...
– A New Year
A Story of Transition: Alyssa Merriam-Webster defines transition as “a movement, development, or evolution from one form, stage, or style to another.” When we evolve as people, it is likely that the career we are in now, or the career we chose to pursue previously, will change. Changes in life situations, passions, job availability, or the pursuit of happiness and...
– A Story of Transition: Alyssa
More Stories of Impact

Guidance, Support, Education. Three important words but especially in job transition. Crossroads brought them all to me. I felt guided through unchartered territory. I felt supported through fear and uncertainly. I felt educated through finding the most efficient way to my new career.  - Skip

I have benefited from the longevity of Crossroads over a 10 year period, attesting to the importance of a group with staying power.  While there are no shortage of options for the person in a transition, I believe that God has used the unselfish, empathetic leaders at Crossroads.  They embrace their roles as a ministry, not as an obligation, allowing them to be an encouragement and blessing to others.  - Kevin

Going through my first career transition, I found the Crossroads networking program extremely valuable.  The guest speakers were informative and inspiring, and the training classes provided important job search strategies that helped keep me focused.  Most importantly, the Crossroads leaders and team members are top notch and were willing to help both in the formal classes as well as one-on-one consultations.  It is an outstanding program led by outstanding people.- Mike

I attended an 8 week job search class at Grace church and found it to be one of the most valuable and productive things I did in my job search.  The biggest benefit of the classes was the social interaction with classmates and the instructor; including finding out that others were going through very similar struggles in their search.  Also, the support I received from classmates and instructor was very uplifting.- Rachel

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