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The Crossroads Career Workbook

Two-thirds of American workers are unfulfilled. Half are dissatisfied with their jobs. One of every ten is unemployed or underemployed. How about you?


Find help and hope in the You Are Created for Good Works workbook and companion website. Crossroads Career co-founder Brian C. Ray and executive director Brian Horvath have collaborated to educate, equip and encourage you to hear God calling, get the right job and maximize your career.
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New Job Jump Start

Getting a new job and getting a great start at that job are two different things. You want to have every possible advantage for success in your career. This is one of those great advantages--30 days with over 100 ways to get a great start in your new job.
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Real Success At Work

Imagine getting up every day with the conviction that you are on the planet for a purpose. How fulfilled and fruitful would you be to know that you and your work matter to God and that He is pleased? How great would it be to experience real success? This study of Ephesians 2:10 helps you to discover how to hear and follow God's calling.
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Created For Good Works

Written to educate, equip and encourage church pastors, ministry leaders and Christian coaches to help people find jobs, careers and God’s calling.

More than 150 million Americans face crossroads in their careers. Over 20 million are unemployed or under-employed. Of those employed, 52 percent are dissatisfied with their jobs and 72 percent are not engaged in their work. When church members are unemployed, underemployed, or misemployed, it affects the life and vitality of the church.

Join hundreds of churches that are already experiencing the joy of helping people through job search, career development and life transformation.
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Ministry Sample Pack

If you are interested in ministering and helping others in their work lives, any one of these four books can be used for coaching, small group or workshop study.

  • Crossroads Career Work Book: 7 steps to jobs, careers and God's calling
  • New Job Jump Start: 30 days with over 100 ways to get a great start in a new job
  • Real Success at Work: Hearing and following God's calling
  • Created for Good Works: Written for pastors and ministry leaders considering why the church should help people find jobs, careers and God's calling
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