Best Ever Top-10 Job Websites

This past Monday I got a call from one of my friends with good news and bad news.

  • Good news–New baby on the way and due in November.
  • Bad news–His career development plan has to shift from “education” to “get job now.”

What to do? How to find opportunities? So many job websites! Where to start?

Not surprisingly, my #1 favorite job website is the Job Connection on Once you register for free, you can search by keyword and zip code through an average of 200,000 continuously refreshed quality jobs from more than 3,500 registered employers.  Job posting is free for employers, as well as for Crossroads Career member churches, ministries, colleges, consultants, counselors and coaches.

Nine More Sites to See

The rest of the top-10 include a carefully selected variety of leading job and career websites designed to complement one another, as well as give you different perspectives.

Results? In 30 minutes using one set of keywords and my friend’s zip code, I found 182 qualified job postings. Three of the sites yielded over 100 opportunities.

Maximize Your Search 

Try all top 10 job sites once, and then focus on the three that are most productive for you. Make the most of your online time with these tips.

  • Search employer websites.
  • If unemployed, search every day.
  • If employed, search every weekend.
  • Experiment with keywords/locations.
  • Register for an automatic search agent to notify you of postings.
  • Use your networking log and search for jobs with organizations of interest.
  • Keep a list of your responses by website, position, company, date and resume sent.
  • When you apply, use keywords that are true of you from the job posting into your resume.
  • Network for personal referrals from people currently or recently with the target organization.

Get the Job You Find

It’s one thing to find a good job, but it’s another to get it.

Yes, apply for it online, but then you need a network on the ground to get introduced, interviewed and invited to do the job. Do your homework on what the employer needs most that you do best. Try these four resources…

Turn online networking into on-the-ground connecting. Seek opportunities and environments where you can meet and greet for fellowship and friendship to build community and collaboration.

Get More Help

The top 10 job websites and tips to maximize your search are all on page 49 of our 70-page Crossroads Career Work Book. Learn all 7 steps to find the job, career and calling God has prepared for you. Get and work the workbook to book the work that works for you.

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