Need Prayer? Know someone who needs prayer? You can confidentially post a prayer request or praise here and our team and those who support our ministry will be able to pray for you, and praise alongside you. 

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Prayer Network

Sonjia 1 - 02/20

I\'m asking for prayer for God to bless me with a new job very soon and one that will be perfect for me in a positive work environment where I\'ll be valued and during this time of transition all my needs are met. Also please pray that God gives me clarity on the direction I need to go.

Sonjia 0 - 02/13

I\'m praying for those in need of prayer who are unemployed, underemployed, or in an unhealthy work environment. I pray God gives you his peace, strength, guidance, and protection, and opens the door to the blessings he has stored up for you. Psalm 46:1

Neenee 1 - 02/09

Plz pray for me, have been in a toxic relationship, was homeless before meeting but able to make due and had friends, since haven’t been stable & still do not have a home/residence and isn’t easy to keep regular jobs with no where to go to without fights.. moved from outta state due to safety from crimes.

Nermeen 3 - 02/06

Please pray for me. I’m going through a hard divorce and I’ve two young children and I’ve to build myself from the ground up. I’ve been a stay home mom and now I’m in desperate need of work and I haven’t been able to find work. Please pray for me and that God would sustain me, provide for me and bless me as I try to rebuild from the ashes. I’m an immigrant and I don’t have a big social circle, God is my only help and my only hope.

Dwight 2 - 02/05

I have recently resigned from my position due to a persistent, hostile, and toxic working environment. Praying that God will bless with a new opportunity that has a culture of respect for work/life balance.

Leese 1 - 02/03

Praying for my husband to find a job that he may sustain. He keeps getting laid off and feeling discouraged, unworthy & depressed. Praying for him to have God's favor & in His perfect timing He will bestow a perfect job placement for him. I know God will continue to provide in the meantime. I will renew my strength during this continued storm.

Vernon 1 - 01/29

Recent below the knee amputee, and unable to work my self employed career. Looking for Remote opportunities and take stress and pressure off of my wife. Prayers please!

Nubia Morales 1 - 01/26

Prayers for everyones going through hard times.

Dana 4 - 01/17

I've been on an extended job search - nearly one year. Please pray for me to have the strength to continue and for employment to arrive.