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Prayer Network

Pamela 0 - 07/17

Please pray for me to find a job.

Eugenia 0 - 07/17

To find a job in Philadelphia,Pa.

suzzan 1 - 07/17

need prayers and job...ty

Eugenia 1 - 07/17

To find a career in Philadelphia, PA.

Eugenia 0 - 07/17

To find a career in Philadelphia PA.

suzzan 0 - 07/17


suzzan 0 - 07/17

need prayers and jobs

Laurie 3 - 07/16

That I find a job quickly.

Anthony 0 - 07/16

Pray we can quickly fill this executive Assistant position

Becky 1 - 07/16

Pray for me that I will find a job that will honor God and give me fulfillment in my life.

Rachel 1 - 07/16

I need prayers that I can find a good job that fits my certifications in IT. My family is struggling financially and I n...

Roemel 1 - 07/14

I would like prayer for a new home and job opportunity that allows me to build a quality of life for my children and I....

Leonor 2 - 07/13

Please pray for my family, so we can get out of the foreclosure problem and I can find a job.

Ralphine 1 - 07/13

I would love to serve in administrative capacity for adult groups or children in ministry. My desire is to work for a N...

MARK 1 - 07/12

That I allow the Lord to guide me, and for Him to reveal to me where and what he wants me to do for employment.

Lois 2 - 07/12

Prayers during this job search and application period would be greatly appreciated!

I pray that I, and other applica...

Kristi 1 - 07/11

Please pray for me to have patience in my job search. I know God knows my next position but I wish he would point me in...

Kristi 3 - 07/11

I know God knows my next position but I wish he would let me know which direction to go. Having a tough time and hearin...

Lequisha 2 - 07/11

For god to bring peace in my home and to help me become less anxious. Help me not worry about how bills will get paid wi...

Keith 1 - 07/11

Need to find community and a job to help reunite me with my son in Indiana and the mother of my child with the love of C...