You can post a prayer request or praise report activating our team and others to pray for you and praise with you – confidentially. You may also submit a prayer for someone else that goes directly to them – confidentially.

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Prayer Network

Holley 0 - 03/02

Feeling pressure from family to get job. I have enough savings for the next few months. My last job that ended 1-31 was...

Shyra 0 - 03/02

For everyone to be safe while working outside the home, bless those that are working in the home. Blessed my daughters o...

Shyra 0 - 03/02

To have a powerful and stronger prayer life, to cover my entire family in the name of Jesus and bless my gorgeous daught...

Yolanda 4 - 02/28

I am prayer for a job!

Kim 3 - 02/28

Praying for a good job and work in the ministry. Is it Allah or jesus- Christ. Happy Easter. I love you. Kim

Monique 4 - 02/26

Prayer for the direction of my life. Seeking to become closer to GOD and to do the works that he called me for.

Brandon 4 - 02/26

Work is slow right now for my company so hoping God will provide me wisdom on how to allow it to pick up.

Daniel 3 - 02/26

I pray for everyone. I also pray that having taken a 4 years career break to be with my family, God should provide me a...

Daniel 1 - 02/26

I pray for everyone. I also pray God provides me a job now having taken a career break for 4 years to be with my family.