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Prayer Network

Matthew 0 - 09/15

I feel God calling me to start a residential recovery facility. The problem is this takes a bit of money to get started...

Karen 0 - 09/15

Pray God will timely provide a wonderful job and sufficient funds to remain in my home after extensive unemployment.

Karen 0 - 09/15

Pray that God provides a job and sufficient funds to timely flow to me to remain in my home during a lengthy period of u...

Janet 4 - 09/14

Pray that God will place me in an employment opportunity that he deems is worthy of my talents.

Kevin 2 - 09/13

Just that God would lead me to the right place to work.

Kevin 0 - 09/13

need a new job that pays enough to live on,and that i am physically able to do.My last job let me go because i could not...

Ryan 0 - 09/12

To become optimistic and hopeful about my future on earth.

Sherie 1 - 09/12

I'm a victim of domestic abuse; obtaining a job via the web has been tremendously difficult since July 2018. Pray for m...

KIMBERLY 1 - 09/12

To be patient as God knows best and is working it all out.

Treeva 0 - 09/12

Prayer partners, please pray that I get a new job (flexible hours, option to work remotely) preferably beginning the wee...

Treeva 0 - 09/12

Pray partners, please pray that I get a new job (flexible hours, option to work remotely) preferably beginning the week...

Ron 2 - 09/12

Please pray that the Lord will help me find a job that’s right for me as He knows my needs and talents.

beth 2 - 09/11

Please pray for my fiance who has been in and out of work for 3 years. He has a couple of opportunities that he has been...

Kim 2 - 09/11

My interview yesterday leads to a great job offer with like-minded christians

Victoria 1 - 09/11

I’ve been on several interviews, have not received offers, praying for immediate employment with relocation. Educated...

Jerry 2 - 09/10

I have a job interview tomorrow and I pray I finally will be employed.

Dinah 0 - 09/10

That I find peace of mind as I struggle to find a sales position (in medical/pharma sales)

john 1 - 09/09

Lord please send your holy spirit to guide us to make the right decisions for our families.

john 1 - 09/09

Lord, make me a channel of your peace and help understand your love.

Alison 0 - 09/08

Pray to seek and follow the Lord\'s leading and looking for a job that pays more. Also against apathy and discouragement...