About Crossroads

Crossroads Career Services, Inc. is a faith-based 501(c)3 non-profit organization that helps people to hear God calling, maximize their potential, and get the right job.


Educate, equip, and encourage people to hear God calling, maximize their potential, and get the right job.


Help people find and follow Jesus Christ through crossroads in their career.


Crossroads has several ways people can engage with our resources, content, and volunteers. We’ve been keeping track of some statistics about the impact of our efforts and you can see a real-time update on those numbers. See the Impact

7- Step Process

The foundation and core of our ministry is our 7-Step process. We combine powerful biblical teaching and industry-standard human resources practices to support those navigating a crossroads in their career to look Upward, Inward, and Outward. We also provide resources for individuals and small groups to accompany each step. The 7 Steps in the methodology are as follows: 

1. Upward
2. Attitude
3. Aptitude
4. Altitude
5. Searching
6. Sorting
7. Selecting

Work As Worship

We believe Crossroads Career is a critical component of the Faith at Work movement. After all, you can’t have faith at work if you don’t have work!  We have found that many people don’t see the workplace as a place to share or live out their faith.

 We believe that worship is not just for Sundays, but also throughout your workweek. Crossroads Career seeks both to help people find the right job and equip them to live out their faith in the workplace through biblical teaching and resources.

 A crossroads in your career can serve as a crucible moment when personal faith is challenged and changed. We see in Scripture that you have not only been created for good works, but the good works have been prepared for you (Ephesians 2:10). What has God prepared for you?


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