New Job Jump Start

Congratulations on your new job! It is quite a leap of faith. Your first 30 days, however, can either cast a dark shadow or be a bright light. Which will it be for you? Compare two new hires starting the same day.

Abe was early to work. His hair combed, clothes neat, shoes clean. A smile graced his face. Pen and pad were in his hands.

Bill ran a few minutes late. A sprig of his hair waved at passers-by. Clothes wrinkled. Shoes scuffed. Bill grimaced because he had to borrow a pen.

Thirty days later, Bill was looking for another job… again. A bad start can mean a quick finish. Abe was looking at a possible promotion.

The difference was a plan with tools and tips. Give yourself every positive advantage with our booklet New Job Jump Start. From your very first day, you can start a track record of achievements, relationships, success, satisfaction and fulfillment.

Ready Set Go!

You can use the New Job Jump Start booklet in two ways…

  • As a system
    • Read “The Week Before You Start.”
    • Work a page-a-day Monday-Sunday for four weeks.
    • Use days 29 and 30 to plan for New-Job-Contentsthe coming year.
  • Like a buffet
    • Sneak a peek every day.
    • Pick what you need most.
  • Click Contents ->

Leap of  faith

There are over 100 tips in this booklet, and it only takes one tip to make you a star.  Not only can your performance on the job get a quicker start, but also you can build better relationships with your boss and everyone else.

What People Are Saying

“This is the best investment you could make in your career.”

“It is a must for every new hire at our company.”

“If only had read this earlier.”

Try the tools and tips. See what a difference a day makes.  Be prepared. Order a copy now!

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