How to Get a Better Job Faster


Smart planning and weekly commitment are required to get a better job faster. Finding the right work is hard work! Invest time, money and effort in you.

If you are unemployed, invest time every day that adds up to at least 40 hours a week. If you are employed, invest 1-7 hours a week.

  • How long does it take to find a job?
    Experts have estimated it would take approximately one month to find a job for every $10,000 of the paycheck you would like to earn! For you, it can be faster, depending on how many hours you invest, what you are looking for, your search plan and how well you execute it.
  • How long does it take to change careers?
    It can take a few weeks to a few years. The more education and experience you need, the longer it will be. The key is to start now. Discover your strengths. Target opportunities.

Businesses spend money to make money. You should do the same. Ask yourself “how much can I invest in me in light of the money I hope to make?” Effective job or career search is not free. Expenses can include travel, clothes, grooming, phone, Internet, resumes, printing, publications, education, training, coaching and more.

Cut expenses and save on non-essentials. Sell things you are not using. Set a monthly budget that includes investing in your career. Keep good records. Costs related to a job search may qualify as tax deductions. Check with the IRS, your tax preparer or an accountant.

Work on finding work every day. Plan your activities every week using SMART goals:

Specific: Set goals that are measurable. Define exactly what you want to accomplish.

Moderate: Select 2 to 5 goals per week. Too many goals can be overwhelming.

Accountability: Show and tell somebody what you plan to do, and let them know how you did.

Record: It is helpful and motivating to keep a written record of your goals and progress.

Time-activated: Put in your calendar goals by days and times during the week.

Next Steps
Review the last week. Then preview what you want to accomplish for the coming week. We’d love to hear how the exercise worked for you, let us know.

Get a better job faster. Begin investing in you now!

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  1. how to you decide what type of job to look for? Ive done manual labor 29 years… cut grass clean toilets, drive trucks. now I have back issues, and I think I need a job that does not require so much labor… and standing all day… 2 years of college back in 2000 I had hoped to land an entry level IT job… never happened…

    I’ve taken many career tests and assessments… and I’m still clueless… frankly finding a job is overwhelming, all the hoops to jump through… resumes cover letters networking interviews thank you notes blah blah blah… who has time or patience for all this stuff? Who invented all this “red tape” to go through for finding work?

    why don’t someone simplify the process? frankly our job hunting process today looks like some bureaucracy that the federal govt invented.

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