How to Make More Money


If you make more money FOR your employer or customer, then you will make more money FROM your employer or customer.

There are 3 strategies to make-more-money: Be an Expert, Be in Management, Be in Sales.

Be an Expert

“Do you see a man skilled in his work? He will serve before kings; he will not serve before obscure men.” wrote King Solomon – most probably the richest man who ever walked the planet (adjusted for inflation of course).

The more you learn, the more you earn. The deeper your knowledge, the higher your income. Become “The Expert” in something people want and need by finding, joining, learning and connecting in the professional or trade association of your choice.

Invest the time to discover how God has wired you. Do what you do best and like most that other people want. Is it a particular craft? Maybe the ability to sell a particular product to a specific market? Or perhaps, manage and lead in a certain industry or situation?

Be in Management

It’s one thing to do a job well. It’s a whole ‘nother ballgame to manage others to do their jobs well. That’s why good managers earn good money. To learn how to earn your way into management, start with your employer and the American Management Association.

It’s one thing to be in management – planning, organizing, directing and controlling. But it is yet another to become a person others will follow. Leaders exhibit 3 qualities and 10 behaviors.

  • Character/Trustworthy
    • Meeting commitments – Be a promise keeper
    • Walking with integrity – Consistent in words and deeds
    • Serving with sincerity – Support, care for, trust others
  • Competence/Expertise
    • Knowing thy stuff – Competent in your craft
    • Managing things – Plan, organize and “control”
    • Directing people – Recruit, train and direct
  • Charisma/Dynamics
    • Vision – Seeing a preferred future
    • Wisdom – Knowing how to get there
    • Strength – Personal energy and resources
    • Courage – Demonstrating the guts to step out

Be in Sales

It has been said that “nothing happens in business until somebody sells something.” And that’s why sales people can make more money. In most cases, the more you sell, the more you make. You can learn how!

Whether you are master of a craft, manager of a company or minister of a church, think of yourself as being in sales. The more you can sell your ideas, the more you contribute. And the more you can contribute, the more others can contribute to you.

Be all Three

You can actually triple your income if you do all 3 – be expert in your craft, including managing and selling. You can make more money 3 ways.

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