Attitude UP = Job Offers UP


“Eight-five percent of the reason people get jobs and get ahead in those jobs is because of attitude,” reads a stunning statement written by world-famous motivational speaker and author Zig Ziglar.

Yet, most people walk through crossroads in their careers with a mix of positive and negative feelings. For example, if you are:

  • Unemployed: You may be stunned, hurt, angry, fearful, depressed, guilty or ashamed – or – your feelings reflect relief, renewed energy and a positive outlook about a new future.
  • Misemployed: You may feel miserable, anxious, frustrated, restless and confused – or – your feelings may be filled with hope, excitement, and anticipation of better things.
  • Happily-employed, but: You may feel incompleteness although everything is going great – or– your feelings may be deep and joyful as you seek meaning and purpose in work.

How Do You Rate?

What is your attitude on a 10-point Attitude-O-Meter? Joy = 10 points. Zero = the Pit. Be honest with yourself and pick the number that reflects your attitude right this minute. Got it? Now I want you to pick a higher number you can work toward.

4 Ways to Pump UP Your Attitude

Starting today, you can pump UP your attitude in four ways:

  1. Make a decision – be joyful: Pick a higher number on your Attitude-O-Meter. Put on a happy face. More than just fake it until you make it, you decide to the good thoughts and behave in positive ways even in the midst of being used, abused and refused.
  2. Accept loss – forgive: Whether you have lost your job, or you are in a job that you wish you could lose, admit, understand and grieve the loss. Anger often accompanies loss. Wrath runs through your veins. Bitterness begins to pool in your stomach. Maybe you are blaming others; your boss, a coworker, someone else – maybe even yourself. The key to overcoming anger is to exercise forgiveness toward everyone involved – not for their benefit – but for yours.
  3. Accept opportunity – face fear: This is the first day of the rest of your life. If this life is a journey, are you headed in the right direction? There are thousands of occupations and industries, each one with thousands of employers and workers. By now you may be anxious, maybe even terrified. You can face fear by exercising love, power, discipline, prayer and even thanksgiving.
  4. Eat right and exercise – get plenty of rest: Take care of yourself physically, mentally and spiritually. Job search and career transition can be exhausting. You need extra energy and endurance. When you build your personal strength, you will become more courageous and think more clearly.

Moving Ahead
These four steps will build up a positive attitude. They will turn stumbling blocks into building blocks. They will propel you above and beyond your circumstances.

You will feel better, sound better and look better. You will not only be more attractive, but you will also be attracting more job offers.

Start pumping UP today and see what results you achieve!

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  1. I just read your ‘Attitude Up” twice. Ive been out of work for almost a year now. My money is now all gone. I’m gonna loose my house and everything if something doesnt happen right away. I have been very positive. I think everyday Im going to get a job. But now months later and flat broke and 3 kids…its hard to stay up beat. I am still tryn though. I put in an more applications today with a bright smile. I pray I will get a job soon. Reading your attitude up helped remind me to keep staying positive.

  2. Thank you for stepping UP to comment! Keep on keeping on! I remember losing my house and everything – hard, but good – because learned to trust in God no matter what. Never, never, never quit!

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