The Super-Secret Strategy to Make the Right Connections on LinkedIn – Part Two

Make the Right Connections on LinkedIn

One of the main components of the LinkedIn search engine algorithm are keywords.

You want to create and utilize keywords that demonstrate that you are seeking to serve your clients, customers and companies that may employ you. Keywords are attractive and thought-provoking words or phrases that describe what you do best. They draw attention to your profile allowing you to stand out from a crowd of candidates. Keywords position you directly in front of those who need most what you do best.

Writing these keywords with the “seek to serve” philosophy in mind will help you make the right connections on LinkedIn. The right connections are defined as people and organizations that will benefit most from what you do best!

Sound familiar?

Communicating your “seek-to-serve” attitude throughout all sections of your LinkedIn profile and delivering on that promise will show more value to an organization than other candidates they are considering.

Dread Elevator Pitches, No More!

In studying how to deliver elevator pitches and value statements, I found that communicating how you seek to serve takes trepidation away from making your elevator pitch or speech. Read the dialogue below to see how simple this can be for you, no matter if it is at an in-person event, online video conference, or on your LinkedIn profile.

Person #1: “So, what do you do, Brian?”

Me: “You know how companies often struggle with employee productivity?”

Person #1: “Yes, sure…actually, my company struggles with that right now!”

Me: “I serve business owners with solutions to help them boost productivity utilizing my speaking, consulting, and coaching products and services.”

Now, here is a way that you can use the same idea within your LI profile. When company leaders and hiring managers are searching using LinkedIn, they can connect with the problem I identified and may be open to the services I provide to solve that problem. See the example below.

Your Next Step 

You can do the same within your expertise and the industry that it serves in your LinkedIn profile. I encourage you to be brief and provide some white space making it easy to scan.

Remember, to make the right connections on LinkedIn, you want to use “seek to serve” keywords as they will create a higher probability of you being ranked on page one of the headhunter’s, recruiters, or hiring manager’s search results. They are looking for you. Can they find you?

A Webinar Just For You

I would love to help you execute this through your entire LinkedIn profile.

Earlier this year, I presented a webinar that explains the “seek to serve” concept a little more and helps you implement it.  You can sign up for this FREE recurring webinar by clicking here.

Well, the secret is out of the bag! You now know that your profile will be viewed in a more favorable way when you utilize the “seek to serve” framework. This framework coupled with other strategies and tactics you learn in the webinar will help you to make the right connections on LinkedIn.

Oh, and by the way, let’s connect on LinkedIn. Please add me to your network by clicking here.

This month we’re focused on Step Five of our Seven Steps from the Crossroads Career workbook: searching. We’re breaking down three of the biggest platforms for job searching and connecting with potential employers. Next week we’ll cover Glassdoor and then finish the month with advice about Indeed. So if you’re on step five, searching, this month is for you. Connecting with others especially those in your field or related is a huge piece of the job search and having a solid online presence is more important than ever. Want to start at the beginning? You can get our workbook here.

‘Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility, consider others better than yourself’ – Philippians 2:3

This is a guest post from Brian Horvath.
Brian is the Crossroads Career Tampa, St. Pete and Clearwater Metro Area Leader. Brian is an expert speaker, consultant, and coach who helps people know, live and love the purpose for their career and finances. You can learn more about Brian and his offerings at

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