The Super-Secret Strategy to Make the Right Connections on LinkedIn – Part One

Have you ever wondered if creating and posting your profile on LinkedIn would be worth the time and effort? I have. Many of my coaching clients rarely have a LinkedIn profile they are happy with if they have one at all. The fact is you should have a profile. Once you have created one, this blog post will help you to make the right connections on LinkedIn.

The Digital Age of Business

Business is challenging, no matter your field of interest or service. One of the challenges of business is competition. There is an ongoing struggle, and each day you don’t know what you are going to get (cue, Forrest Gump!) That won’t change; however, I believe it is also what makes it so fun. With today’s business stressors (some positive and some negative) and with the recent health crisis, business is more competitive than ever. 

Our digital age may make owning and operating a business more manageable for some, yet for others, it makes life more difficult because the tech learning curve can be steep. As with anything in life, there are pros and cons of technology for all of us to navigate. 

Keeping the challenges in mind and leveraging my optimistic philosophy, I consider tech as an opportunity for creativity, connection, communication, growth. I think “Carpe Diem!” but I do realize that may not be the case for everyone.

The Purpose of This Post

So, the purpose of this post is to help you, the business professional, ministry leader, entrepreneur, executive, teacher, real estate agent, and others to use a slice of tech, allowing your message to resonate.

I want to share with you a SUPER-Secret strategy to get your message in the right hands, hearts, and minds. To increase your influence for the sake of commerce and how God made us — to serve.

The super-secret strategy for us to make the right connections is. …. are you ready… <drumroll … da da da da da>!

We Must Seek to Serve

I believe that when you apply the super-secret strategy of “Seek to Serve” to your life through business, you will experience tremendous…no, outstanding results!

What do I mean by “seeking to serve?” It begins by putting ourselves second. It means beating back the selfish desires that are always right there in front of us jumping up and down saying, 

“look at me,” 

“feed me,” 

“entertain me,” 

“provide for me,” … “me,” “me,” “me,” “me!” 

These desires can be flat-out overwhelming!

Seeking to serve, however, is a paradigm shift. We see the needs of others as more important than our own. We experience the impact through serving as a purpose that can never go wrong (as long as it’s legal, ethical, and moral, of course!) 

Now, this post is not about how to change your mind from self-centered to others centered. That takes time and is a constant work-in-progress for me. Let’s just say; you’re in agreement with me.


I would like to help you apply the “seek to serve” philosophy to your LinkedIn profile. No matter if you are a business owner, employee, student, or any of the audience I mentioned above, LinkedIn can help you to serve. It can work for you multiple ways, but I tend to focus on LinkedIn’s two primary purposes. These two purposes, however, are not for explaining in this post.

I want to help you seek to serve with what you have skills, abilities, talents you have been given. Accompanying those gifts, you have goals, dreams, ambitions, and purpose. You were made as a masterpiece – God’s masterpiece! You were not created to remain on the sidelines, but to be in the game!

Recently, I conducted a webinar entitled “How to Make the Right Connections on LinkedIn.” During the webinar, I revealed the super-secret strategy that I shared earlier. From reading my e-book, viewing my Facebook Live’s, or perusing the blogs I write, you know that I am a practical guy. The “seek to serve,” career-changing (even life-changing) philosophy is quite simple and highly practical! 

How Can You Seek to Serve?

I would like to help you put this philosophy into action.

Take a moment and answer the question: “What do I do best?”

1. Write a bulleted list featuring at least five “What Do I Do Best” responses, but I encourage you to go to ten! You can do it!

2. Brainstorm the answer to this question, “Who needs most what I do best?”  For example, what kind of people, industries, cities, organizations, companies need most what you do best!

3. Take the answers and come up with a framework like the example above creating an easy-to-read exchange.

4. Place that framework into the About section of your LinkedIn profile.

Next Tuesday I will share with you how to make the right connections and help you no longer dread giving an elevator point.

This is a guest post from Brian Horvath.
Brian is the Crossroads Career Tampa, St. Pete and Clearwater Metro Area Leader. Brian is an expert speaker, consultant, and coach who helps people know, live and love the purpose for their career and finances. You can learn more about Brian and his offerings at

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