Network with Everyone Everywhere – Part Two

Multiply Your Results

Personal referrals will power your networking. With each new connection you make, use the name of the person who referred you. Not only ask for help, but also for referrals to others who might be willing to help. Conclude your call, email or message with, “Thank you for your help. Who else do you know who can help?” If you can get at least one or more referrals for each contact, you will never run out of people with whom you can network.

Let me illustrate how important referrals are.

One of my client organizations retained me to recruit a Database Marketing executive. They even gave me the name of the candidate they wanted. It took me two weeks to find someone who personally knew the candidate. I called the candidate and introduced myself as an executive search consultant. “Yeah,” he said coldly. I replied, “Your friend, Terry Smith, suggested I call you.” His voice warmed immediately, and he said, “Hold on. Let me close the door.” It only took a few minutes to learn that he could not relocate. I asked, “Who do you know who might fit this opportunity.” He gave me a name, some background, and a phone number. I made the call and found a great candidate who was interested and available. A successful hire!

Wait. There’s More

More important than making connections is building relationships. To keep track of your connections, I recommend you use your email contact program. If you don’t have one, I suggest either Microsoft Outlook or Apple Mail. Each contact record not only keeps the name, contact info, background, job, and employer, but also the contact’s activities and your confidential notes – all of which are searchable by keywords.

If you want more about how to network with everyone everywhere, I want to share these three links:

Finally, let me also share this reminder…

The steps of a man are established by the Lord,

and He delights in his way. Psalms 37:23 NASB

Brian has been writing, speaking and connecting people to Christ in the workplace for 45 years. He is Co-Founder of Crossroads Career Services, former Chick-fil-A restaurants VP for Human Resources and Administration, and Owner of Primus Consulting executive search. He has authored Christian resources including Mastery of Leadership, Real Success at Work, and New Job Jump Start. Brian and his wife Kristy live in the Charlotte, NC area.


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