Step 5

Step 5 - Searching

Searching- Seek to Serve

The last phase of our methodology (steps 5-7) is loving others compassionately.  We complete the path by now focusing outward, although the journey remains a paradox by seeking to give, not to receive. Step 5 - Searching means rather than just search for a job or career, you start by seeking to serve others. Everything changes when you serve as a faithful steward of God’s grace. First of all, God is pleased. Second, people are more attracted to you.

The steps of a man are established by the Lord, and He delights in his way. Psalm 37:23 NASB

Be spiritually strategic by combining three ways to find work God has prepared for you:

  • Pray continually
  • Network and connect personally
  • Search online

The most effective ways to find and get jobs are building relationships and getting personal referrals. Work through Step 5 in You are Created For Good Works to learn how to use networking scripts and cards, recruit recruiters, grow your network, and meet employers in person.


Below are links to resources designed to help you in this step of the workbook. These are designed to go along with the workbook content, but can be used independently as well. 

Crossroads Career Job Connection: Login to Crossroads Career to search our Job Connector for thousands of employer-posted jobs, plus you can:

  • Set up email job alerts.
  • Apply for jobs and track applications.
  • Create, keep, post and send resumes and cover letters.
  • Use the Interest Profiler and Skill Matcher assessments.
  • Access our 7-step action plan, career and job resources.
  • Post, pray, and praise on our confidential Prayer Network.

Other Super Sites
#1 Largest Job Site:  is the #1 job site in the world with over 250 million unique visitors every month. Indeed strives to put job seekers first, giving them free access to search for jobs, post resumes, and research companies.

Careers in Armed Forces - Get information about U.S. military jobs, careers and benefits from 

Christian and Ministry Jobs - Explore job opportunities through Christian Job Wire.

Freelance Jobs - Interested in freelance work? This post lists 78 of the best freelance job websites that you can get started on right away.

Federal Government Jobs - Interested in working for the Federal government? Start the process here on 

Labor Department Job Banks - Search for jobs on CareerOneStop’s search engine. 

Jobs on LinkedIn - Create a professional profile, find connections in your network, and search for jobs that match your profile on

Jobs on Craigslist - Read about searching for jobs on Craigslist from The Balance Careers, then visit to start searching for jobs in your area. 

Search Local Newspapers for Jobs - Links to over 3,300 United States newspapers. Find one in your area of interest and start searching for jobs.  

Job Applications
Completing Job Applications - Get tips from CareerOneStop about how to answer common questions on applications. This resource may be particularly helpful if you need better wording than “quit,” “fired,” or “illness” as reasons for leaving a previous position. 

Apply for Jobs Online - Learn all about how to apply for jobs online with these 14 points from The Balance Careers. 

Answering Salary Questions - Wondering how you should answer questions about salary, especially if your last position is very different from the position you seek? This article from addresses some of those dreaded salary questions. 

Network for Hidden Jobs
Start Connecting Now Networking Log - Fill in this printable template with people you know to prepare you for connecting and networking with them. 

Write Your Networking Scripts - The most effective networking conversations focus on relationship building and seeking to serve. Learn the 3 parts your networking conversation should contain, then practice, practice, practice. 

Networking Cards - Make sure you have a written description of your value statement, name and contact information handy at all times. Vista Print is one good option for ordering networking cards so you’re never without this info. 

Get Your Own Email - Do not use your work email for personal reasons, especially for job search. This article has 11 free email account options to help you set up a personal email. Make sure it’s professional.

Social Media Networking
Getting Started with LinkedIn - If you’re new to creating a profile on LinkedIn, these common questions and answers will help you get started. 

Facebook to Find a Job - This article from Forbes describes 4 ways you can use Facebook to help you find a job. 

Find and connect with Crossroads Career on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter for more resources and connections from us! 

Find Recruiting Firms
How to Find a Recruiter - If you’re interested in using a recruiter during your job search, The Balance Careers has advice for you. 

Search Firm Database - is the largest free directory of recruiters and search firms. It’s designed to connect search firms and staffing companies with hiring authorities.

I-Recruit Directory - Search for recruiters by specialty or by geographical location using this online directory. 

Find Executive Search Firms - If you’re looking for C-suite or executive positions, a BlueSteps membership can help make that happen. 

More Networking Opportunities
American Job Centers - Find American Job Center locations around the country. These locations exist to help you look for work and offer job search workshops, free computer access, and more.   

Public Libraries - Use this search tool to locate public libraries in your area, which have many free resources to use during your job search. 

National Career Fairs - Find and attend a job fair (many being offered virtually currently!) to network and find job opportunities. 

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