Thank God for My Job!

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Notes of thanksgiving are fuel to the fire of helping people to find jobs and Jesus. Thought I would share a few with you…

• “I am excited to tell you I accepted an offer and will be starting my new career on Monday! It has been such a pleasure meeting our group and learning from you. After each meeting I came home excited and happy to share with my family. I have no doubt it was the confidence and renewed faith and energy that helped me land this role. Thank you both from the bottom of my heart!” Cameron

• “I will be starting my new position on Monday and am really looking forward to it. Enough pieces have fallen into place that I am confident this is the Lord’s leading. Thank you for the Crossroads Career class, and for the support you have given to me. ” Kathy

• “Thank you so much for a group that finally hit it home for me about resume metrics, answering ‘So What?’ and ‘What is your differentiator?’ Thank you also for the practical idealism and deep thinking questions, grounded in He who makes it all possible.” Kerry

• “The Lord has once again humbled me to tears. Feeling like I would only have a small group of two up until yesterday––God brought the right people at the right time. We had an excellent first night.” Harry.

• “Thanks for the info and being the leader of our small support group. Your passion for helping others shows and I consider myself blessed to have found Grace’s Crossroads program and our small support group, just when I needed it. I continue to be amazed at how God is providing guidance and help in my faith journey.” Bruce

• “I received an email from an explorer, Shannon, who came to the recent workshop. We connected afterward on interviewing and mapping her StrengthsFinder to the job she was interviewing for. She got the job and said I could share her success with the team!” Kristin

• “I’m okay now. Actually, I’m spiritually better than okay! The Lord clearly revealed the next step on my path. In classic fashion, I heard Him speak to me and I was not completely sure until I began to walk it out on Monday. Now, I have complete peace about it. Like your metaphor of the walk in the woods to the boat, the Lord provides a lamp unto your feet to light your path for one step at a time.” Jennifer

These quotes and notes are not for us, but for our Father in heaven, and His Son Jesus in whom we have abundant life to share.

“What do you have that you did not receive?”
1 Corinthians 4:7

Please, post a note or quote below about what God is doing in your life. Praise God from Whom all blessings flow––including your job or ministry.


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