Persistent or Pest: Follow-up

You’ve had the final interview…it seemed to go really well. You asked if they were considering any internal candidates, and the answer was no (single hardest obstacle to overcome). You seemed to make a connection and the Hiring Manager was impressed with the research you had done on the company and on him/her. There was a great back and forth of questions and answers. The hiring manager gave multiple other buying signals such as:

  • Asked about your availability
  • Said your salary expectations were within their range
  • Had positive reactions and comments to your STAR story answers
  • Admitted never having seen a document like your Value Proposition deck
  • Offered specifics about the job not posted in the job description, and
  • The body language spoke volumes

You sent an email thank you after 5:00 PM the day of the interview and mailed another thank you note the next day via USPS so you could get another bite at the apple, but it’s been two weeks and you’ve heard nothing.

Yeah, what’s up with that…what should I do?

Often is the time that the business of business gets in the way of the business of hiring. Now’s the time
to reach back. There are multiple options. You can:

  • Ask if there is anything further you can provide
  • Share that there is another company pursuing you, but all things being equal, you prefer this position (do not lie)
  • Inquire if there has been a delay or if a hiring decision has been made

Let’s say you asked the first question, and the answer was no, there were other candidates that needed to be interviewed and that has slowed down the process…decision soon. Or you asked the third question, and the reply was no decision yet, but yes, there has been a hold on the opening that should lift soon. Now it has been another two weeks without a word.

What do I do now? I want an answer, but I don’t want to be a pest!

Here’s where things get tricky, but there are some tactics available to you. My favorite is to search for articles on the hiring manager, the company, a company executive, their competition, or something about the industry as a whole. You’ve already set up Google Alerts, right?

No, but why should I have already set them up?

Google Alerts send published information to your inbox based on what you have asked the search engine to find. To take full advantage of LinkedIn’s “Social Selling Index,” you want to regularly post industry information on your LinkedIn’s Home Page Activity Broadcast and in one of the four LinkedIn industry groups. You also want to be active in Groups because when recruiters have difficulty finding candidates, they often join an industry group and look for those who are the most active believing those people are thought leaders. As a matter of fact, LinkedIn tells us that investing four hours per week can lead to a 1400% increase in viewership.

Oops, I forgot. But what does this have to do with the Hiring Manager?

Look for an article or something that might pique the hiring manager’s interest. Send an email with a hook in the subject line… ‘Saw this article and it made me think of you.’ In the body, add a tease, but don’t give everything away, but say where the article can be found if the person doesn’t want to click the link. Shorten the long URL with or one of the other available devices and include the shortened link. You still may not get the job, but you have put yourself in the forefront of mind (persistence) without being seen as a pest.

James 1:12 reminds us, “Blessed is the one who perseveres under trial because, having stood the test, that person will receive the crown of life that the Lord has promised to those who love him.” Perseverance in our faith produces eternal life, and perseverance in our job search produces results, so don’t lose faith!

Get Found!
Get Interviewed!!
Get HIRED!!!

Al Smith is a Career Coach, Head of Job Networking at Unity North Atlanta Church, long-time volunteer at Roswell UMC Job Networking, keynote speaker and author of two job search books including the Amazon #1 Bestselling, HIRED! Every Employment Method.  



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