Grateful for Technology and Jobs

What role does technology play when it comes to your job search? For many people technology is used almost 100% in their job search. Job boards, LinkedIn, and even creating a resume is done on a computer or tablet. In this day and age it is (virtually :)) impossible to look for, apply or get your resume together without utilizing technology. 

Crossroads Career has been updating and upgrading our technology for years now. Steadily we have revamped our website, how people navigate, and doubled the number of resources for job seekers. We created a great job board with over 1.5 million jobs nationwide, developed an active prayer network, launched new online groups and created a mobile app. All of these tools are designed to help you as a job seeker find your calling, maximize your career and get the right job. 

Career Guides

One of my favorite uses of technology is with our Guides. If you need career guidance, we have a network of Guides that will talk to you for 45 mins about your career for free. Yes thats right- free. This is an amazing opportunity to get feedback, get a game plan and connect with someone who cares. All you need to do is to fill out the form here and our team will set you up with a Guide. 

In the next season of technology development, we are looking into automation and how more services could be delivered to you wherever you are. Some people just lost their job, others are unfilled and many are disengaged at work. Each person is in a unique place in career transition and Crossroads Career wants to be able to match them with resources, tools and help at the right place and time. 

Ephesians 4:3 says “Make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace.” We use technology to be unified in the tools and resources that everyone has access to. If you haven’t connected with our Guides, I invite you to do that by starting here.

Tim is a Digital Entrepreneur, Founder, and Creator of many things. He has the unique ability to find needs, create solutions and bring it to market. Tim was the previous Executive Director of Crossroads Career for over 2 years. He created the Job Connection technology which has helped over 115,000+ people find jobs, careers and God’s calling. He is married and has 4 kids with lots of energy.

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