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You are Created for Good Works
– Fall Groups –

Did you know Ephesians 2:10 says you are created for good works? If you are unfulfilled in your career, misemployed in your job, or just plain unemployed, this group can help! You'll learn how to hear God calling, get the right job, and maximize your career.
$27.00 per participant (includes workbook)

Begins the week of September 16th
7:00 PM - 8:30 PM

Various Grace Family Church Locations

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Are you unfulfilled, misemployed, and/or unemployed?


Find jobs, careers, and God’s calling.

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At the Crossroads. Now What?

Debby Millhouse, Owner, CEO, Inc.

Is Your Best Path Hidden In Your Potential?

Dr. Travis Sizemore, Business Performance Advisor, Insperity

What Am I Supposed to Be When I Grow Up?

Woody McLendon, President, JAARS, Inc.

Pick Three 30-Minute Workshops

Writing an Effective Resume

David Wood

Networking Tips That Work

Eric Murphy

Make It a Job Winning Interview

Nicole Pierce

Leverage LinkedIn: Attract Recruiters and Find the Best Jobs

Janae Laury

YouMap©: Discover Your Four Pillars of Career Satisfaction

Kristin Sherry

Social Media and Your Job Search

Alexandra Arrington

High School and College: A Graduate’s Path to the Workplace

Tammy Newton
Sophea Hood

Starting Your Own Business: “What Are the Must Haves?”

Ron Elmore

How to Help People Through Career Crossroads

Brian Ray
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Tampa Bay Crossroads Career Partners

Tampa Bay metro leader - Brian horvath


About Brian Horvath

Brian Horvath is an author, speaker, consultant and coach helping people to know, live and love the purpose for their career and finances.

Previously, Brian was Executive Director of Crossroads Career. Brian has also served as the Grace Family Church Finance & Career ministry director in Tampa, FL.

He, his wife and 2 kids live in Tampa, FL. In addition to sharing life with his family, his hobbies include reading, jazz, video games & tinkering with technology.

Contact Brian

If you would like to launch a local Crossroads Career group, host a workshop, serve as a coach in the Tampa Bay area or simply gain more information, please send Brian a message using the form below.