Step 4

Step 4 Altitude

ALTITUDE- Target Opportunties

A positive Attitude and clarity about your Aptitude will give your career Altitude. Explore six factors to target opportunities and maximize your career.

• Occupations
• Employers
• Locations 
• Income
• Platforms 
• Culture

Attract employers with resumes and profiles that communicate opportunities you seek, what you do best and the value you offer.

  • General

    6 Factors to Target Opportunities

    1. Occupations

    Occupation Outlook
    Browse 500+ Career Videos
    Match Your Skills to 900+ Occupations On O*Net
    Search thru Professional Associations
    Top 50 Fastest Growing

    2. Industries & Employers

    Industries at a Glance
    Top 50 Fastest Growing
    100 Best Companies to Work For
    Industry Profiles by Location

    3. Places To Live & Work

    Check Local Newspapers
    Contact Local Chambers of Commerce
    Relocation? Protect Your Move
    Search Sperling’s Best Places
    See Lowest Unemployment Metro Areas

  • 4. Income

    Explore Salaries
    Best Health Plans from U.S. News Magazine
    Figuring Benefits
    Health Plans Info from Labor Department
    What to Know about Retirement Plans

    5. Platform

    Employee or Contractor?
    Start & Grow Your Own Business
    Search 1,000+ Franchises

    6. Culture

    Look inside any company!
    What it’s really like to work in an industry, company, or profession.

    Target Resumes

    Master Resume Exercise
    Resume Builder
    Chronological Resume
    Functional Resume
    Best Resume Tips
    Tale of Two Resumes

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