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Record Rise in Unemployment

People are hurting. Job losses are soaring. How can your church help?

As we face the biggest economic and health challenge of our times, Christians have an exceptional opportunity to respond to Scripture’s clarion call to be salt and light to others.

Without a doubt, people you serve in your local church have been affected by these struggles and are looking to you for spiritual, emotional, and physical help during this time. 

We want to offer our free support to you.

Crossroads Career Services, a national nonprofit ministry, has been working for over 30 years to help people find and follow Jesus through crossroads in their career.

In the midst of their transition we help people:

  • Hear God calling
  • Maximize their career
  • Get the right job.

We support people with Scriptural principles, applied to sound job search and career transition strategies and tactics through a 7-Step process that helps people look Upward, Inward, and Outward. 

Below is a brochure that gives you a quick overview of Crossroads Career’s 7 Steps:

What can you do now to help people in your church?

1) Share this page with anyone inside or outside your church who is unemployed.

2) Share this page with people in your church or others who might be interested in launching or serving in a local Crossroads Career ministry.

3) We offer a turnkey Ministry Launch Kit that allows your church to immediately serve your congregants’ needs. Our free turnkey Ministry Launch Kit includes:

  • Facilitator Guide (electronic)
  • Ministry Partner expectations
  • Navigation hints to take full advantage of our website’s free resources


Preview the Facilitator Guide

Thank you for considering helping your people through crossroads in their careers, and through that helping them realize Ephesians 2:10 :

For we are Gods masterpiece.  He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at

Dave Sparkman
Board of Directors, Chairman


Help your congregation-

Pastor Derwin's Testimony >>>

About a year after we launched Transformation Church, one of our families asked for help to pay an overdue utility bill. The husband had been unemployed for two years and was very discouraged. A Crossroads Career volunteer offered to help, and three things happened: The bill was paid. The husband got a full-time job and more of Jesus. Our career ministry began at Transformation Church.

Fast forward to now! Our career ministry – partnered and equipped with the Crossroads Career workbook and website resources – provides support groups, workshops, and one-to-one coaching.  We incorporate evangelism, discipleship, and care to help people of all ages and stages — from high school students to retired seniors, from all socioeconomic levels and ethnicities.

I’d like to share with you a few notes and quotes from the 942 people that the TC career team served over the past four years using the Crossroads Career resources…

  • Feeling blessed to have been given this tremendous opportunity to look to God, walk in faith, to walk to my gifts to getting a career suited for me!
  • It not only helps with job search but also helps you learn how God made you.
  • I'm no longer looking for just a job. I'm looking for a job where I can seek and serve others.
  • I'm not just working, and I'm not in my position by chance. God is still directing my steps.
  • Has helped me understand that I was looking for help from people when I should have put my focus on God first!

I invite you to consider partnering with Crossroads Career Services to help people successfully navigate this journey of career fulfillment and to realize they are God’s masterpiece created for good works.

Dr. Derwin L. Gray
Founding and Lead Pastor
Transformation Church, Indian Land, SC

Help your congregation-

Churches using Crossroads...


Help your congregation-

Crossroads Testimonies

"Crossroads Career helped me out so much with being more qualified, and presenting myself. I know what it's like to be discouraged and exhausted from job searching.Thank you so much for this invaluable ministry!!" - Emily

"I just finished the step one upward in the workbook!!  In the middle of the chapter it had a prayer to read and as I was saying the prayer this overwhelming sensation came over my body and I couldn’t help but smile and was brought to tears.  The Lord spoke to me clearly for the first time in my life! "- Chase

"I am so grateful for Crossroads Career and the many life-giving resources. These tools continue to bless me as I prayerfully discern the next steps in my career." - Carisa

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