Linkedin is the world’s largest professional network with more than 500 million users, in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide.

LinkedIn provides you a simple to use and powerful platform to develop your career and search for jobs. LinkedIn relies on matching of keywords to create relevancy between you and the searching party.

Treat your profile like your resume, and put in the time to make it awesome.

How to write your Linkedin profile

Your LinkedIn profile will consist of 6 core content sections and serve as the best place to use keywords.

1. Create an Attractive Headline
The headline should not always reflect what you are currently doing, but what you would like to do next.

2. Summarize Your Best
Highlight results from assessments taken, skills and abilities possessed as well as inviting people to connect with you using your email address.

3. Highlight Your Experiences
Be sure to provide 3-5 bullet points under each position you have held.

4. Education
List your schooling and training as well as brief descriptions and fields of study.

5. Skills & Endorsements
Highlights what you do best and provides opportunity for endorsements. Organize in order of most to least important.

6. Interests
This speaks more to who you are than what you do at work. Here you can connect with people of similar interests and values.

Examples of Linkedin profiles that are making it happen


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Oakland, CA

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Houston, TX

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