Friends of Crossroads

We recommend the below resources from other individuals and organizations working in the Christ-centered career transition space. 

Dale Kreienkamp, author of “How Long O Lord, How Long? Devotions for the Unemployed and Those Who Love Them” - 

Kristin Sherry, creator of the YouMap Profile and author of books for children and adults - 

John Freeze, author of “Straighten the Path: A Unique Approach for Job Seekers” 

Many people agonize over job hunting, but what if I told you there's a better, easier way? Straighten the Path: A Unique Approach for Job Seekers is a fresh take on looking for a job. Based on truths from God's Word, this gem of a book will surprise, challenge, humble, and delight you. If you want to simplify the process of job hunting while seeking God's will for your life and career, this is the book for you.

Heidi Zwart, career coach and podcaster - or on the podcast she co-hosts: Side By Side Podcast

Dr. Kim Moore - Connect with Dr. Kim Moore on her website, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and on the Moore Leadership Moment Podcast.  

Tracy Timm, founder and CEO of Thrivist, an organization committed to helping our clients achieve clarity, confidence, and conviction in their lives, most especially in their careers. She's also the author of "Unstoppable." 

Anne Pryor, MA. She's a LinkedIn Expert with specialization in recruiting, sales, and personal branding, as well as being an artist. Visit her website and connect with her on LinkedIn

Focus Forward Financial Group - helping people navigate challenging financial situations, especially those involving career change.

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