Whit’s Story: Starting Crossroads Career

Whit Blakeley

As Crossroads Career ministry moves forward, let’s look back at God’s faithfulness in writing His Story in our history.  The ministry was first birthed in the hearts of three people – Betsy McCall, Whit Blakeley, and Brian Ray.

From Crossroads Career Services Co-Founder – Whit Blakeley


My Crossroads Ordained by God

Not just a journey to help others find out God’s calling for their work, but His calling for me to grow in His image. It was as much a spiritual journey for me as it was a practical means to put my experience to work helping others. God had clearly placed me at a crossroads (Jeremiah 6:16) in my life.

I had become a new Christian in 1987, just several months before the start of Crossroads Career Services. I was full of fire and zeal for the Lord, and I was seeking to grow in my faith and understand God’s calling for my life. At that time, and for nearly 6 years prior, I was providing career transition services to individuals and companies. I believe I was called to move to Atlanta in 1984 to start my own company providing these services and be close to family. While I had been brought up in the church and attended a church affiliated college, I came to Atlanta truly searching for God because my prior walk was a very secular one.

I had known Betsy McCall as a recruiter who had helped several clients of mine, but somehow we connected directly in late 1987 and shared what we felt was God’s leading with regards to some type of ministry that helped people who were out of work, dissatisfied with their work or wanting to serve God more directly in the workplace. It was during our discussions that Betsy introduced me to Brian Ray.

Three of Us Together

It was so neat that God had clearly put the three of us together with the same leading to start Crossroads. I believe the name “Crossroads” Betsy had found in Jeremiah 6:16, which again was God’s leading for those at a crossroads in their career. This particular verse of Scripture became our corporate Scripture which led to subsequent meetings at Brian’s house to put together and pray about the Mission and Purpose of Crossroads Career Services.

On a personal level, I had never seen God work so clearly in my life and the lives of others like Brian and Betsy together towards such a goal. As a new believer, I know now that it was God’s purpose to bring Betsy and Brian into my life to grow spiritually and be mentored by strong believers.

I truly began to see the oneness that God requires of us as believers, and the building of integrity along with a desire to truly help others. For me, Crossroads was God’s leading me to “ask where the good way is, and walk in it.”

And, while I hope to grow in my faith and God’s helping me understand my purpose, it has been Crossroads that started me on the journey as I hope it has been and will be for others to truly “find rest for your souls.” It certainly has for me.


Whit continues to volunteer at Crossroads Career ministries around Atlanta, as well as provide executive career management and transition consulting to some of the largest organizations in the Southeast.  For more information about Whit Blakeley and his company Career Management Resources, visit cmresources.net

Perhaps you are a pastor, volunteer in the ministry or a person seeking guidance? We’d love to read your part in God’s work in and through Crossroads Career ministry. Please leave a reply below…



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