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David and Alexandra have two jobs each, plus together they have two little girls. As you can imagine, life is crazy busy, so focus in their work is critical.

Perhaps your work and life are fast and full, too.  Maybe you are like 75% of American workers who suffer the added burden of being unemployed or misemployed.*

Are you seeking work life balance? Do you need to get a good job? To maximize your career? To hear God calling you to good works? Does it all seem impossible?

Jobs, Careers and Calling

Start with the truth that you are God’s workmanship created for good works, which He prepared for you.  He knows the plans to prosper you, to give you hope and a future.

Hard to believe?

Consider a faith-based approach to career coaching and job search training using our website and workbook. Watch this short video to learn more.


Signup for free. Join the more than 50,000 people who have registered on the Crossroads Career website. Try our most popular features for free:


  • 200,000 Job Postings by 3,500 Employers.
  • Interest Profiler linked to more than 974 Occupations.
  • Links to over 2,000 local American Job Centers.
  • Confidential Prayer Network available 24×7.
  • Resume and Cover Letter Builder.
  • Daily Devotions and Career Tips.
  • Over 200 Career Resources.


Get a free PDF sample from our Crossroads Career Work Book on our website.

The workbook features a 7 step process to help you explore how you are God’s workmanship created for good works:

  1. Upward – God’s callingWorkbook
  2. Attitude – Reach forward
  3. Aptitude – Discover your best
  4. Altitude – Target opportunities
  5. Searching – Seek to serve
  6. Sorting – Wow interviewers
  7. Selecting – Walk in good works

Step 1 – Upward – introduces how you can hear and follow God’s calling as you explore careers and search for jobs.

Steps 2-3-4 combine a more positive Attitude and greater clarity about your Aptitude in order to raise your Altitude to better target opportunities.  Maximizing your career is the planning, direction and development part of the process, including resume messaging and building.

Steps 5-6-7 deal with the practical parts of job search training: searching online, networking for personal referrals, preparing for interviews, getting a good job and a great start.

The 70-page, spiral-bound workbook includes instructions, exercises and devotionals that combine practical and spiritual perspectives on walking in good works.  The website works with the workbook like an online appendix with more than 200 career resources organized by the 7 steps.

You can buy and use the workbook in three ways:

  • Individual Study:  1 Workbook including shipping only $15.
  • Better with a Buddy:  2 Workbooks including shipping for $25.
  • In a Small Group:  10 Workbooks including shipping for only $100.

Your Turn

Get on the website. Get the workbook. Read, write and work through the 7 steps in the workbook and the website.

If you have questions or need support, write us at

* Gallup, Conference Board and U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics research combined estimate that approximately 3 of every 4 American workers are either unemployed or misemployed (underemployment, job dissatisfaction and/or unengaged at work).



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  1. Hi,
    Several months ago I thought I saw on your website that someone or some group with Perimeter Church and Crossroads actually helped those who wanted to change careers (such as due to a permanent layoff) obtain some training.

    I am writing for a friend who is a long time member of Perimeter Church. She wants to learn office skills, such as computer skills, applications, filing and so on. She would also love to be an assistant teacher at Perimeter Church School, or perhaps a receptionist at Perimeter Church. Her love to serve the Lord is amazing.

    Thank you so much for your help in supporting a member of your church that literally will change her life.


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