Toughest Job in the World Interview

Interviews are tough enough. How would you feel about interviewing online for the toughest job in the world? Watch and see how tough it can be!


Who wants a job that requires 24×7 availability for years, physical endurance, mental resilience, and a variety of relationship and tactical skills? Would you take a job that not only paid nothing, but could actually cost you everything?

According to the Pew Research Center, more than 85 million people in America hold such a job, 70% of  them also holding a second job? They would need amazing grace, indeed! The job we are talking about is to be a MOM.

Free Book on Mother’s Day

Career coach and executive consultant, Kristin Sherry, is offering her new career empowerment book, Follow Your Star: Career Lessons I Learned from Mom, as a free download from Amazon on Mother’s Day, this Sunday, May 8.

Kristin is one of the ministry leaders for the Crossroads Career Ministry at Transformation Church in Charlotte, NC and is a blessing to many across the planet, through her inspiration and coaching.

Read a summary of the book, view the contents and download special resources at Virtus Careers.  Mark your calendar to get your free copy on May 8.

Happy Mother’s Day!  

Thanks to the American Greetings card company their gift of video appreciation.

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