Money Talks

  Money, money, money- MONEY!  Everyone likes to have money, but many people feel awkward when it comes to the salary of a new job.  As a job seeker prepares for an interview, money is an area that needs to be thought through before you get there. Well a few good points from our Crossroads Career Workbook in Step 6 …

How do you hook the great-for-you job you find online?

Here’s what you don’t do Immediately click ‘Apply.’ Fill out the form. Attach or paste your resume. Then you wait, and wait, and wait, and… well, you get the idea. Instead, try these 3 job-landing tips: #1 Do your homework Be an A+ candidate! Just 15+ minutes could pay you big bucks in a new job. Start by going to the …

How to Get a Better Job Faster

  Smart planning and weekly commitment are required to get a better job faster. Finding the right work is hard work! Invest time, money and effort in you.

Attitude UP = Job Offers UP

  “Eight-five percent of the reason people get jobs and get ahead in those jobs is because of attitude,” reads a stunning statement written by world-famous motivational speaker and author Zig Ziglar.

Informational Interviews

An Informational Interview is an interview that you schedule and hold with a person who is currently working or has worked in an industry, company, or career you are considering. The purpose is to gather critical information from an insider’s point of view. This post covers the goals, essential rules of engagement and some sample questions.

Inmate Out Right

Lee is free, after 24 years in prison. What did it take for Lee to get out? Would you believe a 108-page resume? Twenty-two support letters. A 22-minute parole board interview, including an attorney and four references to testify. Ten minutes later, parole granted. Four days before Christmas – freedom. Progress in Prison Of course, there is more to the …