7 Steps to Career Transition

I meet a lot of people that don’t feel passion for what they do, aren’t challenged, want to do work that serves a greater purpose, or feels a strong pull to a particular calling.

Three Reasons You Need a Professional Headshot

With the new year upon us, it may be time for some updates to your personal brand. What is Personal Branding? Personal branding is a way to connect you with the world. Your personal brand shares about who you are, what you stand for, and can tell your story. It’s about where you come from, what you are currently doing, …

Money Talks

  Money, money, money- MONEY!  Everyone likes to have money, but many people feel awkward when it comes to the salary of a new job.  As a job seeker prepares for an interview, money is an area that needs to be thought through before you get there. Well a few good points from our Crossroads Career Workbook in Step 6 …

How to Make More Money

  If you make more money FOR your employer or customer, then you will make more money FROM your employer or customer. There are 3 strategies to make-more-money: Be an Expert, Be in Management, Be in Sales. Be an Expert

Me, Inc. Part 5: Thriving in the New World of Work

  The rules have changed – and to get ahead in today’s job market, you have to think outside of the box. It requires a change in thinking, a change in approach and, sometimes, a change in direction. Read about our other Me, Inc. blog posts that detail this change and explain how you can adapt. The Mindset Shift explained: How do …