Summer Jobs for Teens

Looking for jobs for teens? Search no further. Snagajob has over 300,000 part-time, full-time and hourly jobs now hiring teenagers.  Earn more money. Learn new skills. Make new friends.  Explore these top teen jobs:

  • Restaurant and Food
  • Retail and Customer Service
  • Recreation and Hospitality

Brothers Woody and Max Strategy 

Teens and parents, be prayerful, intentional and alert about maxwoodysummer jobs, possible vocational interests and future careers.

Max is 16 and a rising sophomore. Working at Chick-fil-A, he has already saved enough money for a car. This past year his choral group won eight national trophies in competition.  The director is leading Max through summer auditions to hopefully be selected for State Honors Chorus. Working on a part-time job provides flexibility to compete, have fun and explore a possible career.

Older brother Woody  – a junior in college with an accounting major – is staying at school this summer.  The plan is working at a country club teaching tennis to kids and teens while he completes two more business courses. He will learn lots about business not only in class, but around the club.

Whether you are in high school or college, use summer jobs to explore and discover your best.  Be strategic about how you invest your time.

Free Career Resources for Teens

A few years ago we developed two workbooks that might help you see summertime jobs as part of a larger educational to vocational plan.  Feel free to download and use as you think best.

Of course, if you are a parent, adult or just want to dive deeper into finding jobs, careers, and God’s calling, check out our Work Book for just $15.

Let us know what you think and how you used them.  Have fun in the sun this summer.

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