Students, Discover Your Best

Teens discover your best

It’s back-to-school time!

Do you remember when you were a teen? Did you have career and life goals? Or, were you living in the moment? Either way, were you ready for life after high school?

After a Crossroads Career workshop for adults, a father with concern in his face said:

“If I had this workshop when I was in high school,  my life would be different today!

What can I do for my boys?”

Explore and Discover Aptitude

Now is a perfect time for high school students to discover their best.

You are uniquely designed by God at any age. No other person has your DNA and personal history. Teens and adults can explore and exercise their incredible gifts and deep passions by considering these six factors:

  1. Experiences: Your background – Personal, educational, vocational
  1. Abilities: What you do best. Talents, knowledge, skills
  1. Personality: How you do what you do best. Natural behavior traits
  1. Interests: What you like best. People, places, things and activities you enjoy
  1. Values: What is important to you. Purpose, principles and points of pain
  1. Factor X: Spiritual gifts and God’s calling

“Aptitude: Discover Your Best” is one of the Crossroads Career steps that help people of all ages and stage to find jobs, careers and God’s calling.

Download a free preview chapter of our Crossroads Career WorkBook and learn more about the 7 Steps to Jobs, Careers, and God’s Calling.

If you are interested in learning more about offering a Crossroads Career workshop to students, contact us at

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  1. I believe sending the right message at the right time to our high School children is an excellent idea. The timing is critical for it to be successful. The message needs to be one that is not to full as to over come the student. We will not reach all but the effort will have an impact for their future.

  2. High School is the perfect time for you to start thinking about all of this. Don’t wait parents. Get the workbook and start using it!

  3. When I coach adults they always say, “I wish I knew this years ago.” Oftentimes my adult clients ask me to work with their students. This type of insight is a huge advantage for high school students because 80% of students hit a crisis when it’s time to pick their major in their sophomore year, or, students whom college is not their best option could end up wasting a lot of time and money. I am so glad Crossroads offers these valuable resources to students, and not just adults!

  4. Post
  5. In reading this timely “back to school” posting, I am reminded that it is NEVER too early NOR too late to be focusing on what God’s call is on your life!
    Our pastor shared a simple “3M” message with our graduating high school seniors that goes like this… the 1st “M” is to chose your Master (hopefully Christ and not fame or fortune!); the 2nd “M” is chose your Mate (the one with whom you will spend the rest of your married life) and then the 3rd “M” is chose your Mission (what God has called you and your mate to pursue for the rest of your lives together!). If you get the first “M” right, it makes the other two SO much easier!!!
    Recess is over, I hear the bell!!!

  6. I am one of those parents that has said “I wish I had known this earlier in my life.”
    That being said, I am an advocate for the aptitude portion of the Crossroads material and have used it to assist my college age children in their path as well as to speak life into any young person that God sends my way.

  7. “Discover Your Best” is one of my favorite steps. As a strengths coach I started encouraging our children to discover their best at a young age. It is where our greatest opportunity for success lies.

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