Rest Stop for America

Last week, I went on a road trip across the US driving over 1,500 miles from Arizona to Washington. My dad and mom sold their house and were moving back closer to family. Taking a road trip during this time was a unique experience.

  • Difficult to get food as restaurants were closed, walk thru the drive thru
  • Hotels were not serving breakfast
  • Vegas parking lots were completely empty

One thing that didn’t change is Rest Stops. When you travel on any Interstate in the US, you will find a Rest Stop about every 50-70 miles. Rest Stops are important, just ask a family with small kids, a weary traveler, or anyone traveling anywhere. Rest Stops give you a place to stretch, go potty and walk around. They give you a break from the normal routine during a road trip.

The impact of this virus has affected everyone in America. Businesses closing, factories shut down, schools stopped and people staying home. It is easy to focus on the negative with all that is happening. However, there is hope in the midst of it all. What has happened from this pandemic is that people have to stop. They have to rest. They have to slow down and focus on what is around them.

Its time for a Rest Stop for America.

Rest Stops are critical to the success of any road trip and this virus could help us take that opportunity. Most Americans live a life of 105% non-stop go- go- go. We are so busy with work, family, chasing success that there is no margin in our schedules. We think we are being productive and yet don’t realize that we need a break- we need a Rest Stop. We need to slow down.

Sometimes you need a rest stop for your career. You get so busy with work that you forget the more important things like God, family, and friends. It is very easy to get wrapped up in your job. This is not bad, but when the priority and focus shifts to more work and less God/family, you know you need a rest stop to reset.

A Rest Stop for America could include:

  • Family time– spending time with your family away from our phones. Games, taking a walk, wrestle with your sons, dance with your girls and enjoy being together.
  • Thinking time– just sit down and think. Let your mind wander on positive things. Think about what businesses and products will be needed after the virus dies down. What opportunities are out there?
  • Reading time– lots of great books out there to rest. I would suggest something that takes you to a far away place. Adventure land or something like that.
  • Outside time– get outside, start working on the garden, plant something, go on a hike and get back in nature.
Rest Stops are a blessing to those who recognize them.

I would encourage all of us today to find a Rest Stop. Take time to focus on what is important in your life. The virus will stop and businesses will start up again, but the time you have now could change your relationships forever.

Tim is a Digital Entrepreneur, Founder, and Creator of many things. He has the unique ability to find needs, create solutions and bring it to market. Tim was the previous Executive Director of Crossroads Career for over 2 years. He created the Job Connection technology which has helped over 115,000+ people find jobs, careers and God’s calling. He is married and has 4 kids with lots of energy.

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