Podcast: Money, power, perks

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Money, power, and perks could lead you to a horrible career decision, said Brian Ray in a recent radio podcast interview with Crossroads Career member coach, Robbie Romeiser.

Speaking for the podcast Career Callings, Brian discussed a wide range of career related topics such as his worst career moment and best career success. He also gives tips for new startups and insight into personal habits that lead to success.

Brian says, “Robbie is one of the best interviewers with whom I have ever worked.”

You can catch the full interview here including time-stamped show notes and bonus footage.

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  1. Brian, your are right Money Power and Perks are about getting not serving. They will not have a good ending.

  2. Great interview!
    Installed the audio app and will be listening to your recommended book selection , In a pit, with a lion on a snowy day. Look forward to sharing thoughts on it.

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