MoneyWise Radio Interview

Compass Radio ImageListen in as I was interviewed last Thursday by Howard Dayton, founder of Compass Ministries, and Steve Moore, radio host.

I joined Steve and Howard as they were discussing “created for good works” and how we can tell what God’s plans are for our jobs and careers.
They wasted no time asking questions: “You worked for Chick-fil-A; did you bring waffle fries? Whatever happened to the brownie?” Much laughter followed since we’ve known each other for years.
Then things turned more serious.
Where do we see a command in the Bible that the church is to help people find a job? How can the local church help? Does the church have to be a certain size to help?
What does the ministry look like in the local church? Who can be helped? Teens or college students looking for their first job? 50-year-olds who are displaced? How about returning vets? Or perhaps prisoners about to be released?
How many people are out of work these days? How many people are dissatisfied with their job? What provides job satisfaction?
What advice do you give young people about career choice? How about someone older who’s been blindsided by job loss?
How can this ministry be an outreach to those who don’t even know Christ?
Listen to the program now, and if you have further questions…

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