Meet Our New Executive Director

Last fall God set forth His plans for hope and helping people through crossroads in their careers. Then for the new year, God provided over $100,000 of additional funding to fuel those plans. This week God brought us Brian Horvath to lead our organization so we may impact more people more deeply.

Brian joins us from one of our member churches – Grace Family Church in Tampa, Florida – where he:

  • Founded and led their Finance & Career ministries since 2007.
  • Led a small paid staff and 100+ volunteers.
  • Served almost 4,000 people directly with classes, workshops, groups and coaching sessions.
  • Wrote and spoke weekend messages, webinars, classroom teachings and one-on-one environments.

We first met Brian in 2013 at a Crossroads Career conference in Orlando, after which his church joined our network. Prior to joining Grace Family Church, Brian worked in sales and account management. Brian is married with two small children.

Plans Prepared for Us

  • Refocus on education, equipping, and encouraging people at crossroads in their careers.
  • Reconnect everyone who registered with us by launching monthly emails to build relationships with individuals, employers, and ministries.
  • Rework church membership benefits to include a box of 50 workbooks, make ministry administration simpler, and provide better support.
  • Renew our career and ministry resources and store products to feature 10-pack study groups for all products.
  • Refresh our leadership to more deeply impact each person reached, reach more people locally to globally, and increase ministry sustainability.

Please join us in welcoming Brian as our New Executive Director, as well as thanking God for His blessings.

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