Making Money God’s Way

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What!  God cares about you making money?

Maybe you were thinking God only cares about you giving money? Or that He cares that you don’t love money?  Or that it matters to Him how you manage money – that you spend less than you make, that you avoid debt, that you save for the future and that you invest in the eternal.

God cares very much about you and money.  The Bible includes 2,350 verses dealing with money and the possessions.  That’s why we are introducing you to one of our favorite financial ministries, Compass, that teaches how you can manage money God’s way. Listen to Brian Ray’s recent conversation with founder, Howard Dayton.

Making Money Matters

 Yes!  God cares how you make money.  He cares that you do not lie, cheat or steal.  That you work heartily and obediently as for Him, and not just for the bucks or the boss.  In the beginning was the work according to the first chapter of the first book of the Bible.  Work and fruitfulness is the way God provides today.

After 20 years of working with small groups of Christian job-seekers, our friend Barbara Rarden has written about a great perspective in her book Employed for Life. Let me quote from the beginning of her own version of a psalm she writes…

“The Lord is my Employer.
I shall never be out of work.
He makes me to be His representative.
He leads me to places where I can be a blessing.”

All of a sudden this point of view redefines employment. God made us to work for Him, as He works in and through us. With God as our Employer, we are always employed, regardless of whether we are unemployed, underemployed, misemployed, or happily employed.  Being employed for life has two meanings…

  • We are employed by God all of my life—from cradle to grave.
  • God created us for good works, which He has prepared.

Work and wealth go hand-in-hand. All financial statements reflect both income and expenses.  And in the center of it all is our One True God who provides our time, talent and treasure by which we work, earn and invest.

The best way to make money is to walk in works created for you.  Earn by learning the why, what and how of job search and career development by hearing and following God’s calling in the book Created for Good Works.

Make and manage money – God’s way!

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  1. I am living in mexicali with my women and work in an autobody shop and desire to work in el centro California. I am feeling down and discouraged and pray alot to god for work. I proposed to mywomen on april 15th and desire a better life for us and desire to give her kids the life I never had I also desire to give her the most out of life and the things she deserves. I was born in San Diego and grew up in El Centro Ca.

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