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Man at Crossroads

One of our ministry leaders shared this story recently:

In one of my classes, I had a 61-year-old woman participate who was laid-off from her position several months earlier. She said that her husband had also been laid-off at the same time. They were burning through their retirement accounts, but not ready to retire, and were stressed.

As always, I share the gospel in my classes, and encourage people to use this time in their lives to look for what God may be trying to teach them.

She stayed after one day, asked questions, said that she and her husband had a Catholic background, but they hadn’t stepped foot inside a church for over 25 years. She asked if I could pray for them, and I did.  She and I had further conversations, but nothing else happened in those 8 weeks.  After we completed the class, she had her husband join us for the next class I started.  He asked similar questions.

The two of them began attending our Sunday morning worship services, and both prayed to receive Christ and were baptized that summer in a lake baptism we held.

Both of them still were looking for jobs, but their entire outlook on life changed dramatically. You could see it in their faces and behavior. At over 60 years old, they gained much more than a new job.

This ministry enables us to attract people to help with their immediate temporal need in order to point them to the one that satisfies their eternal need!

We continue to receive confirmation that our approach to career ministry is having amazing impacts on people’s lives. However, our resources to enhance, market and deliver are shrinking. 

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