Help Vets Get Jobs

SC Serves launch event panel

SC Serves is part of America Serves, the nation’s most comprehensive community-based coordinated network of public, private, and non-profit organizations working together to serve Veterans.

The launch was held Aug 2-3 in Charleston, S.C., where I was invited to speak on a panel called “Best Practices: Lessons Learned For Our Public, Private and Faith-based Leaders.”

Brian Ray serves on panelI shared how Crossroads Career ministries and job clubs help people find jobs, careers, and Gods calling, including veterans, transitioning military, and their families.

During the event, my wife Kristy and I met a variety of active military, veterans and service providers. We heard stories of needs and opportunities. What a great chance to offer help and hope.  We could serve those who served our country. How inspiring!

We are now back home and on alert. In less than two weeks, things are coming to us…

• I see a statistic that over 22 million Americans are veterans.
• We remember that career ministry leader at church is a veteran.
• Our pastor tweets that 22 veterans kill themselves everyday.
• A retired Air Force Captain reaches out to me for career transition help.
NCServes Metrolina is only 15 minutes from where we live near Charlotte.

Help Vets Get Jobs

Are you a veteran or are you helping veterans to find jobs, careers and God’s calling?

Post a comment for more INFO ASAP.  Let’s see what’s next.

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  1. Our Veterans desire all of this nations help. They were willing to give their lives so we can continue our lives here without any burdens and not have to worry about conflict. Maybe we need a special program within Crossroads to help Veterans?

    1. Post
  2. Love this! As the son of a retired military father, I know well the pains of the families that serve with them.
    We have had several r retired military folks in transition that have come through our church andi some have been through our Crossroads program as well. One of my church friends is a West Point grad and I consult with him on occasion. I also have met a gentleman in York County ,SC that works for an organization that assists veterans in need in many areas.I will look up his information.

  3. As an Air Force veteran of Viet Nam and one who is involved in the leadership of our “Career Transition Ministry” at Denton Bible Church here in Texas, I have observed over the last 7 years of ministry that there has been a reluctance on the part of some veterans to share (in their resume or on LinkedIn) the fact that they have served our country! We ALWAYS stress the importance of making that fact known, as most prospective employers know that veterans bring skills that most non-veterans “wished” that they had by their age!
    Service to your country is NOT “…a light to be hidden under a bushel.”

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