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Fear Free Job Search

For many of us, job search is about the scariest thing in the world.

The fear of failure hangs in the air, whether it is writing a resume, networking with people you don’t know or interviewing with someone who is judge and jury.

May I suggest we approach job search like you are going trick-or-treating on Halloween?

Dress The Part 

Getting ready is half the fun. What will you wear? What will likely make the best impression? Make you stand out from the rest? Pick something you think they will like. Don’t forget the most important part of your outfit–the armor of God.

Think of your resume as your bag of goodies, but instead of getting, you are offering. Don’t forget to take a big bag, so you can get lots of sweet offers and referrals. Decorate the bag with your best accomplishments.

Plan your strategy carefully. Go where there is the greatest potential – people you know and places that seem to be doing well. Figure out how much time you have and how many door bells you can ring.

Practice Your Part

Don’t just say “Trick or treat!” Knock on the door, and when opened you tell them the role you want to play. Try the new 15-second elevator pitch:

  • My name is…
  • I am a…
  • I do…
  • I enjoy it because…
  • I am looking for…

Then whip out your resume … the equivalent of a trick-or-treat bag of goodies. Update your resume:

  • Make headers shorter
  • Use a fresh font – Verdana
  • List the R part of STAR – Results
  • Write one line “tweet” bullets
  • Quote testimonials

Follow up with a WoW InterviewTM if you get invited inside. Get ready in advance with PPQ:

  • Be Prepared
  • Be Passionate
  • Be Qualified

… and finish with …

  • What you can do for them
  • Reduce their risk
  • Ask for the job

If you like the tips above, you will love this “Un/Re-Learning Networking, Resumes, Interviews” presentation from our CCN Leader Conference Presentation.

How to Face the Fear

Going door-to-door to face people you don’t know can still be a scary thing.  To get ready for job search fear while you are out and about, work this Face the Fear exercise.

You can overcome job search jitters. Get skills, practice lots and exercise power, love and a sound mind. You can turn tricks into treats!

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Updated October 27, 2017.

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  1. I heard about you today, Saturday, 10-28-17, on the Bible Broadcasting Network (BBN). I have mentioned your website on Facebook. I am retired but know many people who are looking for a job. God bless you!

  2. This is really helpful for fresh graduates and who are in the middle of career change. This will teach them to face their fear of job finding. Great article mate. Thanks for sharing with us. Cheers.

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