When You Find Yourself Without Work

The number of people in the US currently without work is staggering.  Laid off, furloughed, let go, or temporarily on hold; you’ve found yourself suddenly with an abundance of time and possibly feeling overwhelmed figuring out how you will spend it.  You’re not alone.  Last year I was without work for three months.  It was the first time since I …

7 Foundational Financial Concepts You Can Build On, No Matter What!

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In this post, I am sharing with you a strategy and system I created to help anyone who uses it to maximize the blessing of their income. I call it, “7 Ways in 7 Days to Change Your Financial Future Forever!” and it can be utilized no matter the economic climate in the world or your household. The 7-ways are foundational financial concepts made simple for all of us to understand. When we apply these concepts, we will spend with more wisdom, save with more intentionality and give more generously.

5 Factors in Your Unique Design to Maximize Your Career

The better you understand you, the better you can see to maximize your career. Most professionals in career planning and development consider 5 factors. These 5 factors can be categorized in two distinct areas: Your gifts. And your passions. Your Gifts Factor #1 – Experiences: Your history—personal, educational, vocational. Factor #2 – Abilities: What you do best—talents, knowledge, skills. Factor …