Leaders Use Their Voice to Effect Change

As I’ve sat in my office the past couple of weeks, I found it challenging to concentrate on my work. My thoughts drifted to the tragic death of George Floyd.

Walk as God’s Workmanship

Our Values _Crossroads Career Network

  Imagine getting up every day with the conviction that you are on the planet for a purpose.  How fulfilled and fruitful would you be to know that you and your work matters to God and that He is pleased?  Sounds impossible?  In Christ, it is Him possible because He created you for good works, so, therefore, remember to walk …

Trust in the Lord


Thanks Brian for Trust a Must for Leaders series of articles, especially about Servant Leadership. Now that I have been on board with Crossroads Career for this first month, I am really having a blast.  The quick report includes setting up new office. Starting Ministry Ventures program with Overview. Working closely with core team Cory and Judy plus board members Tim, …