Have You Tried the New Facilitator Guide?

One Tuesday afternoon after work, I was getting a haircut and catching up on current events with my barber. Typically, our conversations tend to be short; however, things were a bit different this time. You see, his wife was unemployed and conducting a job search. Unfortunately, the search was not going as well as he would have liked.

Victory in midst of Defeat

man with head on computer

Maybe you can relate to this emailed prayer request from Randy… “I am slowly dying in my job by ‘a thousand cuts.’  “I need to transition soon before I am technically fired. My position has changed responsibilities during the past year, moving away from my strengths.  “This is combined with a new manager with whom there is very little positive …

Everyone Created for Good Works

Two years ago today, I wrote an article that “Everyone Needs Career Ministry,” which marked the beginning of writing my new book – Created for Good Works – that is being released today! My boss at the time, Tim Krauss, volunteer CEO of Crossroads Career, believed it to be important for someone to write a book to pastors and ministry …