The Four Pillars of Career Fit

Have you wondered why sometimes you enjoyed one job, while dreading another? When we enjoy our work, it doesn’t feel like work and the hours seem to fly by. Other times, an 8-hour work day can feel like twelve. I’ve spoken with hundreds of job-seekers over the years and have heard many tales of woe. Despite the varying details, there …

Preparing Financially for Healthcare Costs

As we conclude the February blog theme of being financially prepared for your job transition, an area I’ve consistently seen not get enough attention from job seekers is the financial ramification of healthcare costs, both insurance premiums and out-of-pocket costs. Additionally, having been in the health and wellness industry for over 15 years, I personally know how difficult that market can be …

Target and Timing: Ready…Set…Wait?

One challenging aspect of a job transition is establishing clear target companies for your search. That challenge is made even more difficult by the reality of the financial resources you have available to pursue those targets. The time you may have to expend to achieve landing at the target may exceed the money you have to live on while doing so.   To support you in …

Ask For Input

In the month of February, we have focused on transition. As the month comes to an end we really want to make one additional suggestion for seasons of transition: input. As with all advice, it’s equally important to ask the right people and the right questions. One without the other will not be valuable.

Money Talks

  Money, money, money- MONEY!  Everyone likes to have money, but many people feel awkward when it comes to the salary of a new job.  As a job seeker prepares for an interview, money is an area that needs to be thought through before you get there. Well a few good points from our Crossroads Career Workbook in Step 6 …

Career + Calling = Maximize Your Career

  The unique combination of career plus calling is the only way to really maximize your career.  What do I mean by career and calling?

Do What You Do Best

  Do you have the opportunity to do what you do best every day at work? For most of us, the answer is unfortunately “No!” In the United States, only 32% of workers say they use their strengths every day, according to Gallup® research. You are God’s unique masterpiece created for good works. How different would your work life be …

Attitude UP = Job Offers UP

  “Eight-five percent of the reason people get jobs and get ahead in those jobs is because of attitude,” reads a stunning statement written by world-famous motivational speaker and author Zig Ziglar.

Powerful Cover Letters

A poll taken of recruiting and hiring managers uncovered that 75% of the people who review resumes said they read cover letters but only if they know the cover letter has been customized for the company and the position. I have two ALWAYS statements regarding the job search and one is to ALWAYS send a cover letter. My preferred cover …

Informational Interviews

An Informational Interview is an interview that you schedule and hold with a person who is currently working or has worked in an industry, company, or career you are considering. The purpose is to gather critical information from an insider’s point of view. This post covers the goals, essential rules of engagement and some sample questions.