When Bad Becomes Good: Finding Meaning in the “Negative’ Events

We continue to see stories regarding the fallout caused by COVID-19. Children are out of school. Patrons are forgoing restaurants and are flooding grocery stores. Toilet paper is bought at alarming rates. Millions have been ordered to shelter-in-place. Despite so much uncertainty and with lives indefinitely upended, people and communities have been coming together to support one another. There are …

Working Remotely in Times of Crisis

Have you ever had an experience that has been seared into your memory? For example, I remember where I was on January 29, 1986, when the Challenger exploded, and when the World Trade Center was attacked on September 11, 2001.

Rest Stop for America

Last week, I went on a road trip across the US driving over 1,500 miles from Arizona to Washington. My dad and mom sold their house and were moving back closer to family. Taking a road trip during this time was a unique experience. Difficult to get food as restaurants were closed, walk thru the drive thru Hotels were not …

Take Precautions with the Coronavirus Disease COVID-19

When I was a Chemical Corps Officer in the United States Military, my specialty was Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Warfare (NBC), Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD).

You are Created for Good Works

Annually, the Crossroads Career Board of Directors gather together at a retreat to pray, fellowship, and strategically plan for the upcoming year. In 2019, we met in Minnesota to do precisely that…

Get Noticed. Get Hired. Here’s How.

Much has been written about the hiring process taking longer than ever. It’s not unusual to see qualified, smart people unemployed for many months. The purpose of this article isn’t to lament issues created by Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), or broken recruiting processes, it’s to teach you to smash those barriers to bits. Engage with the company you’re targeting. Here’s how. …

The Tech To Get For Your Career!

laptop on desk with notepad and glasses

We all go through a career transition.  It may not look or feel the same for all of us; however, one thing is true: You will use technology during the time of transition, no matter if you are a technology novice or know-it-all.  In this post, I share three phone apps and computer programs. In my personal experience, these technologies …

Align Time with Your Priorities

Is your time aligned with your priorities?

The Year of Not Being Busy

2020: I refuse to edit a month of blog posts about productivity without sharing my stance on busyness. So today I’m excited to share with you a blog post I wrote several years ago (2018) when I fasted the use of the word busy for one whole year (2017), and what I learned about the value of time. ‘Being in …

Time: Your Most Valuable Asset. Spend it Wisely.

There are 5 main pressures that derail people. Time, or lack of it, is a big one. (The others are relationships, money, health issues, and expectations).