Working Remotely in Times of Crisis

Have you ever had an experience that has been seared into your memory? For example, I remember where I was on January 29, 1986, when the Challenger exploded, and when the World Trade Center was attacked on September 11, 2001.

Get Noticed. Get Hired. Here’s How.

Much has been written about the hiring process taking longer than ever. It’s not unusual to see qualified, smart people unemployed for many months. The purpose of this article isn’t to lament issues created by Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), or broken recruiting processes, it’s to teach you to smash those barriers to bits. Engage with the company you’re targeting. Here’s how. …

The Tech To Get For Your Career!

laptop on desk with notepad and glasses

We all go through a career transition.  It may not look or feel the same for all of us; however, one thing is true: You will use technology during the time of transition, no matter if you are a technology novice or know-it-all.  In this post, I share three phone apps and computer programs. In my personal experience, these technologies …

Ask For Input

In the month of February, we have focused on transition. As the month comes to an end we really want to make one additional suggestion for seasons of transition: input. As with all advice, it’s equally important to ask the right people and the right questions. One without the other will not be valuable.