A Story of Transition: Alyssa

Merriam-Webster defines transition as “a movement, development, or evolution from one form, stage, or style to another.” When we evolve as people, it is likely that the career we are in now, or the career we chose to pursue previously, will change.

7 Steps to Career Transition

I meet a lot of people that don’t feel passion for what they do, aren’t challenged, want to do work that serves a greater purpose, or feels a strong pull to a particular calling.

You are Needed

Your gifts are needed.  They are not a mistake. They are not less than someone else’s.  You wouldn’t be better with a different set.  The body needs every part and that includes yours.  It is easy to believe that your talents are less than others.  To believe you need a different personality, aptitude, or talent to be successful.  That is …

Use Your Strengths to Find Career Fulfillment

Have you ever dreaded going to work? In my first year of a new leadership role, I worked with an individual who dreaded coming to work. The interesting thing was she didn’t realize what the real problem was. Let me explain.

Three Reasons You Need a Professional Headshot

With the new year upon us, it may be time for some updates to your personal brand. What is Personal Branding? Personal branding is a way to connect you with the world. Your personal brand shares about who you are, what you stand for, and can tell your story. It’s about where you come from, what you are currently doing, …

A New Year

Happy New Year!  As we begin 2020, you will notice changes here on the Crossroads Career blog.  Members of our Board of Directors run this blog and in 2019, James did an incredible job of providing content as well as an unbeatable lineup of webinars.  We are excited to continue to provide useful blog content and new webinars this year. …