The Super-Secret Strategy to Make the Right Connections on LinkedIn – Part Two

Make the Right Connections on LinkedIn One of the main components of the LinkedIn search engine algorithm are keywords. You want to create and utilize keywords that demonstrate that you are seeking to serve your clients, customers and companies that may employ you. Keywords are attractive and thought-provoking words or phrases that describe what you do best. They draw attention …

The Super-Secret Strategy to Make the Right Connections on LinkedIn – Part One

Have you ever wondered if creating and posting your profile on LinkedIn would be worth the time and effort? I have. Many of my coaching clients rarely have a LinkedIn profile they are happy with if they have one at all. The fact is you should have a profile. Once you have created one, this blog post will help you to make the right …

7 Foundational Financial Concepts You Can Build On, No Matter What!

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In this post, I am sharing with you a strategy and system I created to help anyone who uses it to maximize the blessing of their income. I call it, “7 Ways in 7 Days to Change Your Financial Future Forever!” and it can be utilized no matter the economic climate in the world or your household. The 7-ways are foundational financial concepts made simple for all of us to understand. When we apply these concepts, we will spend with more wisdom, save with more intentionality and give more generously.

The Tech To Get For Your Career!

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We all go through a career transition.  It may not look or feel the same for all of us; however, one thing is true: You will use technology during the time of transition, no matter if you are a technology novice or know-it-all.  In this post, I share three phone apps and computer programs. In my personal experience, these technologies …